Lori Iva Hiran 10 February 2019

First session with Lori

Love’s in need of love today 1

Love’s in need of love today 2

I Wish (impromptu!)
Totally winging it in F#m. Stevie Wonder is in Ebm.

Run to me
Needs a 3rd voice

Run to me – chorus

Stayin’ Alive
See also funny a capella by Idea of the North on YT

My Sweet Lord

The duet part

Rainbow 2
Cascading harmonies idea to help learn this. Nice long notes to blend and bend. Need to watch phrasing.

Air that I breathe
Lovely top harmonies Iva. Need to learn the notes.

Yes I Will
Testing how the 3rd line works. Good. The 4th line is even more interesting when we do it.

I Wish (one for the road)
This is in Em. It should be in Ebm.

I don’t want to spoil the party (Iva and Hiran)
Iva and Hiran showing off.