Bee Gees 1st session

Sound quality on this is much better than before. Audio was recorded on Cubase on multi-tracks. So balanced better, and I added some bass and an extra voice to demo (Maurice vocal part).
In future, must remember to have the drums not so close to the studio mic (mine) ‘cos it picks up the sound of the sticks on the pads.

Bee Gees

Too Much Heaven
I’ve added the 3rd (Maurice) harmony panned to the right. Needs a bass voice. Iva playing bass drum/pedal hi-hat.
Also later added bass in all the tracks.
Bee Gees studio recording is in C# (key change to E). But their live performance is in F. This is in A (key change to C).

Stayin’ Alive
Needs 3rd voice (Maurice).
Bee Gees do it in Fm. This is in Dm.

Needs the high voice to sing a high A (‘hard to bare …’ in the chorus). The easy way to sing this is ‘A (hard to bare …), Ab (‘side you, you’re’), A (‘going nowhere’)
Needs keyboard. Maybe fast arpeggio in the verse.

More we tried but still to do the videos …

How Deep is your Love
Emotion (Samantha Sang/Barry Gibb)
More Than a Woman
Run To Me

Other Songs

Don’t Ever Change
Goffin-King from 1961 recorded by The Crickets. Also by The Beatles in the BBC radio show.
Great drums but needs a skippy beat. In the original key of E.

When Will I Be Loved
Everly Brothers. In the original key of B.

American Pie
Would love to have that harmony in the chorus, along with people singing along.
Some opportunity for artful drums breaks in the breaks. (eg. ‘I know that you’re in love with him ..’)
Best I’ve found on YT is
though I’d go a bit faster than this. (listen to drums and bass. Sorry the sound quality is not great)
Original key of G.

Great vocals, great drums.
The bit where we go ‘Oh……’ where the notes are too high for both of us. I think we should try Lydia sing my notes, and I can do the higher part in falsetto.
Need lead guitar to double up the same run as bass. And the solo. And hi-hat to copy the same run, or is it some other cymbal?
Original key of G.

All I Have To Do Is Dream
This is perfect. I would add the change to minor in the last chord though 🙂 Perfect tempo. Perfect feel. I’m a bit flat in one or two places I spotted.
Original key of E.